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America’s path to war with Russia

  That’s the title of my feature with RealClearDefense, published this weekend. Full text follows here. The Biden administration has worked hard to keep Russia from treating America

Two articles on Russia and Ukraine

Between 1998 and 2003, Ksenia Yudaeva and Konstantin Sonin were colleagues, first at the Russian-European Center for Economic Policy and then at the Center for

The United States is not headed for civil war

In 2016, democracy rating organizations began downgrading the United States, some scoring American institutions below that of El Salvador, then Nigeria, then Iraq. Then, following the

Some upcoming book events

I’ll be spending this month and the fall presenting Why We Fight to security, development, humanitarian, and government agencies. If you’re a member of any

The Washington Post

An incremental way to peace despite Putin and the persistence of war, by Michael S. Neiberg

Interview with Atlantico (France)

Lutte contre l’insécurité et la criminalité : l’incroyable méthode venue d’Afrique dont l’efficacité se confirme depuis 10 ans

Atlantico (France)

Moins de guerre dans le monde si les femmes étaient aux commandes ? L’Histoire suggère que oui mais probablement pas pour les raisons auxquelles vous pensez

Why We Fight - Book Cover

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