Contacting me

Email me here. Please do not place me on mailing lists unasked. Students see below first.

Student office hours: During UChicago’s fall, winter and spring quarters students can sign up for office hours online. Outside these three quarters they should email me for an appointment, though I will generally ask non-urgent and non-PhD meetings to wait until the academic year. Non-UChicago students should email me if they want to meet in person, before signing up.

Non-Chicago student questions about grad school or careers: Follow these links if you are applying to Chicago and want to work with me, or if you want to work on one of my research projects. See other responses to student questions on the advice side bar to the right. Unfortunately I get too many student questions by email to respond to each one. Apologies if I don’t reply to your questions.

Requests for guest posts or suggested material. I love suggested content from blog readers, but I never do commercial guest posts and I do not use content or graphics from marketing/content sites. See here for more detail.