Contacting me

Partly because of social media, I get more email than I can respond to. Please see below for the best way to reach me.

PR and marketing companies: Do not add any of my emails to your lists. I report these to the FTC.

Academics, journalists, policymakers: Email me here.

UChicago students: It’s best to sign up online for office hours (academic quarters only). Dissertation advisees can also email me to meet during summer. If you have a quick question that can be answered by email then you can write me, otherwise best to sign up for office hours.

Applicants to UChicago degrees or jobs with me please read these posts first if applying to UChicago or want to work on my research projects. Typically I am not directly involved in admissions or hiring, but those posts should tell you most of what you need to know.

Non-UChicago students and social media followers: Sorry, but I usually get too many advice requests and questions to respond. But I do want to give as many young people as possible the benefits of advice. That’s why I wrote the advice posts on the side bar (right) for the most common questions. If you think another topic deserves coverage, I am happy to hear it, but I probably cannot respond personally. Sorry.

Requests for guest posts: I don’t do commercial guest posts and I do not use content or graphics from marketing/content sites. See here for more detail.