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Academics, policymakers, members of the media:

Email me here.

For events related to Why We Fight:

Email me or you can complete this form

Mailing lists, guest posts, and other marketing/PR: 

I do not take guest posts or market content for remuneration. See here for more detail, and email here if you still want to reach out.

UChicago students:

It’s best to sign up online for office hours (academic quarters only). Dissertation advisees can also email me to meet during summer.

If you have a quick question that can be answered by email feel free write me.

Here are a few common questions:

Applying to UChicago degrees or want a job with me?

In response to common questions, I’ve written several posts:

I’m not directly involved in admissions or hiring, but those posts should tell you most of what you need to know.

Apologies, but we have so many applicants I usually cannot respond to individual emails. This lets me maximize time with current students.

Non-UChicago students and social media followers:

Alas, I get too many advice requests and questions to reply. But I do want to give as many young people as possible the benefits of advice. That’s why I wrote the advice posts in the menu above.

If you think another topic deserves coverage, I am happy to hear it.

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