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Data on conflict, economic shocks, war violence, and other happy things

I’m slowly getting around to cleaning up all my datasets–not just the paper replication files but the full datasets and raw survey data and the like, with codebooks for ease of new analysis.

Most of these will be of marginal interest, but you never know. Details below the fold.

All of these datasets, and future data, will be available on my main research page, usually underneath the specific paper. A summary of what is new, updated, and overdue:

Commodity prices and conflict

  • In an effort to get ahead of the curve, Sami Bazzi and I are making available our full paper replication files for an unpublished paper: “Economic Shocks and Conflict: The Evidence from Commodity Prices
  • Of more general interest will be the raw commodity data. This is an original effort to collect: (i) export trade shares in every commodity in every year for every country, 1957-2009, and (ii) the international price in every major commodity traded on international markets. This data series will be (we hope) of wide use.
  • The raw commodity data file has all our sources, construction methods, inferences, etc. In principle you could take the pieces you like and update with new and better data anything you find.
  • Please cite the Bazzi and Blattman paper above if you use these data.
  • If you like commodity data, you may also be interested in my 1865-1950 country commodity price index (CSV file) or full source data on commodity prices 1865-1950 (zipped Excel file). This is from my 2007 JDE paper Winners and Losers in the Commodity Lottery. A full data appendix can be found in NBER Working Paper 10600. pleasec ite the JDE paper for the data.
  • Note that we’ve corrected a few small errors that were pointed out in previous versions.

The long term impacts of war violence, and the causes of child soldiering and coercion

The Survey of War Affected Youth, which was a long run tracking survey of 1300 young men and women who grew up in the midst of war in northern Uganda.

Four of my published papers (and probably one more to come) draw on these data: From Violence to Voting (APSR), The Consequences of Child Soldiering (ReStat), The Logic of Child Soldiering and Coercion (IO), and Civil War, Gender and Reintegration in northern Uganda (JCR).

In addition to the paper replication files, the project page will let you download the original surveys, raw survey data, and all construction and cleaning files. There is also a codebook and guide to the data.

 A panel of land conflict and conflict resolution in Liberia

The replication data for “How to promote order and property rights under weak rule of law? An experiment in changing dispute resolution behavior through community education“ (forthcoming APSR) will be up on my main research page in the next couple of weeks.

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