Standing desk updates

I’ve added updates to the bottom of Monday’s post, including some additional resources, answers to reader questions, some of the best reader advice, and my efforts to fix the Kangaroo hight problem. Meanwhile, from the ergonomic Human Solution blog, famous … Continue reading

Links I liked

Norway’s oil fund owns 1.3% of every public company in the world Aravindan Thirunavukarasu urinated on a wall and then made a font out it IKEA gives us an adjustable standing desk Art of the selfie I expect this to be … Continue reading

Links I liked

For those who want to take the standing desk to the next level Amazon’s (incomplete) case against Hachette (Anyone seen the other perspectives?) “What in the name of Bezos is going on here?” An author’s defense of Amazon WashPo loves Todd … Continue reading

I, stand-vangelist

The scales have fallen from Emily Oster’s eyes. She is a standing desk convert. When I am not evangelizing about cash transfer programs, I am pushing the standing desk on my friends, colleagues and blog readers. My standing desk conversion story, comments … Continue reading