Chris Blattman

The best podcasts on Russia-Ukraine, new papers on African politics, the replication crisis of R, and other links I liked

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  1. Six *massive* murals span hundreds of feet across the walls of a San Quentin prison food hall, depicting the history of California in epic scale. A photo essay and podcast.
  2. Podcasts on what is happening in Ukraine. So many of them. My favorites so far? Ezra Klein interviews Fiona Hill, and Zack Beauchamp interviews Yoshiko Herrera and later Dan Drezner. Other recommendations?
  3. James Robinson has a new paper arguing that Africa has fewer public goods for many reasons, including autocratic politics, but that another unsung reason is a deep and historical skepticism of the state means they don’t want to pay taxes
  4. On a related note, here is a review paper by Mai Hassan on new development in the study of African politics
  5. Uri Simonsohn on the replication problems of R code 
  6. You really have to admire the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster for their tenacity
  7. In early reviews, Why We Fight is a Best History editor’s pick at Amazon and a Best New Economics pick at Financial Times.

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