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I think, if I were black, I’d start shopping for dash cams after watching this

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  1. Your articles are very diverse and to the point. Your content puts certain things into perspective and really inspired me to think about the political scenario here. I an eighteen year old Indian student and have just started blogging about various issues here in India. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  2. @Nils

    For me this pretty much seals it:

    “The Justice Department, which conducted a separate investigation, notified Landau in February that it would not charge Cpl. Randy Murr and Officers Ricky Nixon and Tiffany Middleton with civil-rights violations stemming from the case, citing a lack of evidence.”

    “Murr was fired for lying on a police report in a separate police beating case in April 2009. Nixon was fired in 2011 for lying in a police report about a violent 2009 incident caught on video outside the Denver Diner, but was later reinstated.”

    I am much more likely to buy Alex’s side of the story because of this.

    On a side-note: it are stories such as these why I wouldn’t want to move to the US. I am white, but my wife is black, and we’d be worried too much about our children’s safety there. Perhaps this is an irrational fear to have, but it seems that this is a pervasive problem within law enforcement.

  3. The post above clearly shows that bigotry is alive and well. And the photos of Landau after being beat by the police are shocking.

    That said, this video is ridiculously one-sided. There is no dispute that Landau was drinking and high when pulled over (which is what generated the initial patdown). There is no dispute that there was a thousand dollars of pot in the trunk, and that when an officer tried to open the trunk, Landau ran toward him and was restrained. There is no dispute that his friend reported not hearing any racial slurs in the initial statements. The police story is that the officer holding Landau after he moved forward to stop the other officer from opening the trunk tripped on the curb and fell on top of Landau. Another officer thought he saw Landau reach for that officer’s gun. This incident was reviewed by multiple independent tribunals.

    This isn’t to excuse what happened – the force may nonetheless have been excessive. But the story in the video – a simple left turn turned into unjustified escalation turned into a made up gun combined with clear bigotry – is simply not what happened.

  4. Blattman, why are you a cuck? Or are you some kind of Jew?

    In any case, you clearly hate White people.

    The progs lie: Innocent White people have just as much to fear from the police as Black.

    And dashboard cameras are a good idea in any case -useful for insurance.

    Make America Great Again!

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