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A must-see video on immigration that will make you laugh, cry, cry-laugh, and think

People occasionally email me articles or videos that might interest me. I love getting these. As sales pitches go, however, an email labeled “Comedy Talk on Integration” is not an obvious win. “This is a comedy talk I gave based of the work of Michael Clemens, Lant Pritchett, and others.” wrote Steve Gerben.

I love Michael and Lant, but that’s not exactly clickbait.

But I happened to be at the gym, bored with a podcast, and trying to find something to keep me on the treadmill more than five minutes. “Raw material to tease Michael about a fanboy” seemed like a good investment. So I gave the video a try.

Brilliant. Steve Gerben is a talented man. I want him to teach my class, or start a MOOC. I want him to teach me how to teach like this. Watch it. And send it to your Republican relatives and Facebook friends.

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  1. Also, while immigration is good for immigrants, immigration is a dreadful global anti-poverty measure, not least because Western countries tend to take those with education and initiative.

  2. Totally pedantic point: 4.3% of the minimum wage for a full time year round worker today is ~$600, not $45.

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