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The fastest way to get gun control laws in the US South?


The Dallas New Black Panthers have been carrying guns for years. In an effort to ratchet up their organizing efforts, they formed the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, uniting five local black and brown paramilitary organizations under a single banner. “We accept all oppressed people of color with weapons,”

…The Huey P. Newton Gun Club was formed partially as a response to a grassroots gun-advocacy group called Open Carry Texas. Texas is one of only six states in the country that still outlaws the open carrying of handguns, but it legally permits brandishing assault rifles and shotguns.

Article and more photos here. I wonder if the NRA will champion their cause. Even if I disagree, consistency I could respect.

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  1. I think the NRA would use the group’s existence to sell more guns to white people, since that’s its purpose.

  2. I don’t think you have to wonder about the NRA. The NRA would certainly support their right to bear arms, but would not support the group itself. Aside from things like the group wanting to use the American flag as a rag, it would also be because the NRA accepts people of all colors and ethnicity, while this one says that their membership is limited to certain colors of people.

    I’ll also note, since you seem to be unclear on the topic, that there is a significant difference between “carrying” and “brandishing”. Brandishing is not simply “I saw a gun! ” Brandishing is the act of displaying a weapon specifically with intent to intimidate or alarm. Although Texas does not have a specific law against brandishing, it does qualify as disorderly conduct (, see item 8).

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