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How to create jobs in poor countries? The video

In case you ever wondered “Hey Chris, why aren’t you headed for fame and fortune as an actor or motivational speaker?”, I give you my presentation on youth employment in developing countries:

It comes from the Inclusive Growth conference at Columbia Business School. My tent revival starts about 8:45 but the whole set of speakers is excellent.

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  1. Great post…I would like to add some more points as we can create jobs in more way.We can have various job sites where we can easily search jobs and apply on it .Well I was also searching for jobs , but this site has lead me to success in getting it.Have a look at it,I think it will help you too.

  2. Thanks for sharing! That symposium was personally very helpful because I have access to data regarding entrepreneurship and financial inclusion at the BoP and am looking for professors to work with that can provide guidance and advice. So, this is great!

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