Chris Blattman

Quote of the day: Mali edition

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A tip: if you couldn’t locate Mali on a map with ease a week ago, making policy prescriptions about it now is probably a bad idea.

That is from Laura Seay (@texasinafrica).

She points me to the Bridges from Bamako blog, who writes:

Since the French military intervention in Mali, known as Operation Serval, began last week, the internet has been buzzing with talk about its motives. Is France really only trying to contain a terrorist threat, as it claims? Or do major world powers have other, more sinister interests at stake? At its root, what is the conflict in Mali about?

This discourse, generated largely by journalists, analysts and activists unfamiliar with Mali, has been far too speculative for my tastes. Let’s consider what we do and don’t know about the causes and effects of international interest in Mali.

Worth reading. I suspect enjoying more attention than ever expected.



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  1. The danish minister of foreign affairs, Villy Søvndal, said on national tv: “In Somalia – a neighbouring country – was it possible to push back the terrorist”.

    Neighbouring country?

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