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My development courses at Columbia

I’ve mostly readied my syllabus for my Fall undergraduate development course, POLS W3503: The Political Economy of African Development. See the draft here.

I will teach a similar (but slightly less Africa-focused) Master’s level course in the Spring at SIPA, INAF U6164: Political Economy of Development. Syllabus available in January.

For PhD students, I’ll also have a Spring course on Political Economy of Development that is much more research focused, on theory, empirics, and replications.

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  1. Chris,
    Can you repost the PDF with live links? Looks like they were stripped from the syllabus, so all you see are blue, underlined words but no underlying links. Thanks

  2. Great syllabus. Thanks for sharing. My only suggestion would be to think about including consideration of regional integration efforts in Africa, of both the political and economic kind. The African Union’s raison d’etre is to help member states address Africa’s development challenges, be they related to peace and security, or economic integration. The idea of pan-Africanism and the institutional architecture it has given rise to is an important dimension to the political economy of development in Africa. Selfishly too, if you included readings on this in your course, it would save those of us that are working to support regional integration the effort of tracking down the latest in critical perspectives on regional integration in Africa! Next time you are in Addis, I’d be happy to discuss…

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