Chris Blattman

Beyond Kony 2012

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That is the title of a new, short e-book edited by Amanda Taub of Wronging Rights fame. I was supposed to contribute but sadly was too overwhelmed with other things.

It’s a guide by scholars and journalists and lawyers to the past and future of the conflict in Uganda, and a terrific complement to the Kony 2012 video. If you have a newfound young activist in the family, it is a terrific gift.

You can buy for $0 to $3 here (you give what you want).

Here’s a sample of the table of contents. Full contents here.

  • How Civilians Became Targets (Adam Branch)
  • Kony2012: Treat the Political Causes of the LRA, Not Just Its Violent Symptoms (Daniel Kalinaki)
  • Three Strikes and Kony’s Still There: What I Learned from Negotiations with Joseph Kony and the International Criminal Court’s Efforts to Indict Him (Alex Little)
  • Can a Military Intervention Stop the Lord’s Resistance Army? (Patrick Wegner)
  • The Power of Images: Who Gets Made Visible? (Glenna Gordon)
  • Learning From Save Darfur (Rebecca Hamilton)
  • Avoiding “Badvocacy”: How to Do No Harm While Doing Good (Laura Seay)
  • Beyond Kony2012 – Reasserting the Transformative Power of Youth Activism (Sam Menefee-Libey)

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  1. It is my understanding that none of the contributing authors are Ugandan, although many are well-versed in the region.

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