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Field notes

On monday I took a cab to the airport, flew from boston to washington, and then connected overnight to brussels. On tuesday I flew from brussels to kigali and then on to entebbe, where I got a ride into kampala and managed to sleep for a few hours. On wednesday I sat in kampala traffic for an unknown period (I arranged to have the whole thing erased from my memory) and then drove north to gulu, managing to avoid the breakdown that happened the last time I made this trip. Today we drove outside gulu and turned onto a dirt road; then onto a smaller dirt road; then onto a bicycle track (which our landcruiser widened as necessary); then it became impassable and we walked. When we got to the homestead, the black goat seemed to desperately want to bite off the tail of the piebald goat, who was not nearly as keen on the idea. It was hot, but only barely hot enough to sweat while sitting in the shade. Lunch consisted of several bites of raw sugarcane and several handfuls of BBQ fritos. All of which implies: I’m back in the field, baby!

That is Julian Jamison blogging at Tunes for Bears, as he visits a joint project of ours. He promises to blog more from the field the next couple of days.

Meanwhile I’m in Monrovia, checking in on another joint project. Our field site — the big markets on the outskirts of town — offer slightly better lunch options, so long as you don’t mind it served in a pool of palm oil with chilis.

More to come when there are moments to write.

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