Chris Blattman

Blogging in fits and starts

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Right now I’m en route to Vietnam. The next month will be a busy one as I flit next to Thailand, England, Ethiopia and Liberia before settling home in New York.

For the most part this should mean new blog material, but it also means patchy Internet and busy schedules, so blogging will come in fits and starts.

I’ve also hurt my back recently and really should be typing as little as possible. On the plus side, my meds make me drowsy and a little high, so any posts should be all the more interesting.

Also, expect to see some guest blogging from Kent Annan. In addition to being my brother-in-law, he runs a humanitarian organization in Haiti and has a new book coming out in January on life and faith and doubt in the aftermath of the earthquake. You’ll no doubt hear more from him in the coming weeks.

Happy New Year!

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