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Liberia fitness regimen: Success so far

Two mornings, two 6:30am runs. The other two mornings: yoga plus makeshift weights. (Turns out a 20L water bottle substitutes reasonably well for a medicine ball.)

Why am I telling you this? Two words: commitment device. (I’d use StickK, but I know I’d just lie on my behalf later on.)

Side note: I bought myself and the entire team yoga paws, the new essential field accessory. Consider them an addendum to the master list.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Chris,

    I’ve spent the last two years doing fieldwork in rural north India. What I found most helpful for physical fitness was a combination of yoga, jump rope, shadow boxing and some circuit training. There’s lots you can do mixing these up, and they’re great for gains in terms of flexibility, cardio, stamina, and even strength. The best part is that you need minimal space and no equipment except the jump rope. The only thing that might happen, however, is that local kids start thinking you’re a karate master, which is potentially not such a bad thing.


  2. So you like the paws? I considered buying some before traveling to England for two months this summer, couldn’t bring myself to spend the money (unemployed grad students raise your hands) and then ended up buying a “travel mat” for nearly as much and hoping it’ll fit in my suitcase home. No reason for you to know all that, but… I’d love to hear if you continue to think the yoga paws are worth it. This is key to my future in development work. :)

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