Chris Blattman

Don’t like Larium? How about a $50 laser that shoots 100 mosquitoes per second

After hundreds of mosquitoes (which were kept in the hotel bathroom until showtime) were released into a glass tank, a laser tracked their movements and slowly shot them down, leaving their carcasses scattered on the bottom of the tank. While the demonstration was slowed down for public viewing, Mr. Myhrvold said that normally the lasers could shoot down anywhere between 50 to 100 mosquitoes per second.

…He estimates that the devices could potentially cost as little $50, depending on the volume of demand.

See the New York Times technology blog for details.

3 Responses

  1. Plus, this will just create evolutionary / selection pressure towards laser-resistant mosquitos. Then what?

  2. the only things I like less than Larium are the half-informed, quasi-medical, pseudo-scientific ways just about every Westerner I know who works in Africa justifies his/her stubborn and pointless refusal to take malaria meds.

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