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Haiti partners

You have probably read about the devastating quake in Haiti. The FP blog names a number of place you can give to help. Normally I would not chime in, but sometimes I have a personal connection to an NGO that really makes a difference, and people appreciate the pointer to an organization they previously would not have known.

My brother Kent started an organization called Haiti Partners with several Haitian colleagues. It has one of the most fantastic operating cultures I know. They have an Earthquake Response Fund.

If you want to give to a place that you know will be effective (especially because so many funds will be choking the main pipelines) consider that one.

Update: they are working to get a new Earthquake Fund set up, but in the meantime a general contribution will be going to the relief efforts. Also, the tax ID is 232713126.

10 Responses

  1. I was very disappointed that you personally endorsed a charity that (a) you have a personal connection to and (b) one that apparently has no rigorous analysis done on its work. Perhaps I am mistaken on the latter, but I could not find any. (a) would not be so bad if (b) were untrue. As a proponent of rigor, improving quality in development (and aid, by extension?), and deliberation, I was disappointed to see this opportunistic post. Please correct my if my assumptions are wrong.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Melanie Morten forwarded me your blog when we were talking about making donations to the disaster in Haiti. I am forwarding it on to others.

  3. Thanks so much for the information. Do you know of any volunteer organizations that are taking applications? Donating money is fantastic, but I’m guess that some people (like me) would like to make a tangible contribution.

  4. Thanks Chris. I just donated. I also facebooked this org and spread the word in my graduate program.

  5. i was on their site and couldn’t find a tax id number, and i need that to make donations from an account i’ve set aside for this. can you post it?

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