Chris Blattman

Links I liked

1. Has the Kindle been cracked?

2. If Star Wars had Facebook

3. Good sense from GiveWell on microfinance

4. And, finally, the relative price of different liquids:


From ReflectionOf.Me

Note: All links came from readers who subscribe to and share with my shared items feed. This is my favorite source of stories these days. If you’re a Google Reader sharer, please share if you haven’t already.

3 Responses

  1. Chris,

    I’m pretty disappointed about your link to GiveWell’s microfinance review. It is definitely not the solution to poverty but their review is both misinformed and cursory. They’ve done next to nothing to acquaint themselves with the real status of social impact measurement, credit and lending methodology, and incentives in the field leading to some spurious conclusions (in my own opinion).


  2. The link to your shared items feed is broken; it links to the RSS icon. (I found the feed anyhow and look forward to reading it.)

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