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The best unexpected 70 minutes of your day?

I just watched a 70 minute Youtube rant about Star Wars Episode 1 and, oddly enough, loved it. Funny; only occasionally in bad taste; and a clever lesson in film making (by counter-example).

Before I insist you watch it (even the non-Star Wars fans among us), a disclaimer: I have been working non-stop in tropical capitals for three weeks without an ounce of entertainment or pop culture. I am about to board a plane from Brussels to New York, and if they announce on the flight that the only film available is National Lampoon Christmas Vacation VI, my brain will probably say, “sounds interesting!”. So at this time, perhaps I can’t be trusted.

Therefore, I refer you to two other points of view. My culture guru Tyler Cowen has this to say:

Despite some moments in poor taste, I thought this was one of the funniest productions I’ve seen, ever. It’s the only 70-minute video I’ve ever watched through, if that gives you another measure.

That was good enough for me.

I cry laughed in Brussels airport. Many Belgians stared.

3 Responses

  1. I really hate that we were supposed to laugh at the bleeding kidnap victim begging for her life in his basement. I try very hard not to be a humorless feminist, but this stuff just hurts my soul.

  2. I started it last night, not expecting to watch more than 5 minutes. I watched the whole thing. Now I can only hope he takes on the other two prequels.

  3. It really concerns me that every male political science/economics blogger I read and every male political scientist I know has watched this video in the last three days and it now obsessed with it. How about THAT epistemic community?

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