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Theory of international politics, updated for ultra-violent zombie mayhem

Scientists in my home town of Ottawa, after much mathematical analysis, have concluded that the best way to combat a zombie invasion is to hit fast and hit hard. Otherwise we’re doomed.

Dan Drezner (not Canadian) ponders what political theory can tell us about the new world order. From the American self-interest point of view (the “realists”):

the fundamental character of world politics would not be changed.  Indeed, it might even be tactically wise to fashion temporary alliances with certain zonbie states as a way to balance against human states that try to exploit the situation with some kind of power grab.  So, according to realism, the introductions of zombies would not fundamentally alter the character of world politics.

This is somehow disturbing. Correct, but disturbing.

Read the whole thing. I nominate Luis Moreno-Ocampo as ICZ chief prosecutor. Let’s do it now, preventively.

Readers: love your zombie mayhem? For fiction in this vein, I can do no better than recommend the remade classic: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

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  1. Far better than P&P&Z, especially in terms of the international politics aspect, is Max Brooks’ World War Z.

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