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Just in case you really want to do some good today

Each place I work, I come across an incredible person doing breathtaking public service. Last year I started raising funds for Ketty Opoka, a woman in northern Uganda trying to rebuild her AIDS hospice after devastating floods. Ketty is a walking inspiration, and the fundraising continues today.

There’s another woman in northern Uganda doing important and incredible work. Her name is Alice Acan, and several years ago she started a school for young mothers affected by the war, The Pader Girls Academy.

Many of her students were forcibly married to a rebel leader, bore him a child, and later escaped. When they came home, they had few options to return to school. I know. Colleagues and I ran a study of women in Uganda and found that not one single woman who returned from the LRA with a child resumed their education.

Alice has helped fix that. Each term, 300 women attend her school. They have a daycare for kids, breaks for feeding, and (in addition to the standard curriculum) are teaching the women to become bakers, cooks and hoteliers (quite successfully so far–they have the best rstaurant and hotel in Pader).

Now Alice needs some help. Take a look at this page. If you have a few dollars (or a lot of dollars) I urge you to donate. I’ve known Alice for four years; my wife has been her dear friend for ten. You will not find more worthy causes than Alice’s and Ketty’s.

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  1. Chris,

    The second site accepts PayPal. The first does not.

    As with PayPal the second site got a mite or two, perhaps I might suggest adding PayPal to the first?

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