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Should junior faculty blog?

The AEA meetings this year featured an econ bloggers lunch, and Tim Kane posted a summary of the big messages to his Growthology blog. (via Alex at MR)

To my chagrin, conclusion 6 of 7 was the following:

it’s still probably not advisable for graduate students or junior faculty to blog instead of focus on tenurable research … for now

Keeping in mind that not much new can be said on the subject, indulge me as I add three personal observations I haven’t heard elsewhere:

  1. I average under 30 minutes a day blogging–less than most people would take to commute (I don’t), practice an instrument (nope), or watch a TV show (don’t even own one). Has anyone ever reflected, “A pity Bob didn’t get tenure. It’s a he shame lives in the suburbs and plays the piano. But it’s that fourth season of Lost that really screwed him.”?

  2. I didn’t become a professional builder of knowledge in order to influence what just 62 people think about subjects I care deeply about–and neither did any of my colleagues (at least at first). Research without communication equals dustbin. Of history.

  3. Finally, on a rational self-interest note (I am an economist after all), four times last year I walked into a meeting with executives of donor foundations and development institutions and heard (to my surprise): “I enjoy your blog”. I can’t say what unexpected rewards would await a theoretical economist, but for a field researcher, where every paper costs a quarter million in survey and travel expenses, that is the sound of a tenure packet getting just a little thicker.

Let’s relax. It’s a harmless hobby that has mostly upside potential. Plus it’s fun. My advice to junior faculty bloggers: keep the time investment low, keep it professional, and enjoy yourself.

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  3. Absolutely, Chris. Plus it saves you from having to write emails or make phone calls to 200 colleaques, friends and family around the world, that let them know where you are.

  4. what would “keeping it professional” look like? as a grad student with a personal blog, i’d be really interested in your thoughts on this. no curse words? no entries that don’t deal with your subject matter? no sharing of personal-life details? do you think there are limitations to “keeping it professional”?

  5. Chris, I love your blog. Those 30 mins that you spend are well-invested, atleast in my opinion. I read every one of your posts.

    I thought a faculty member’s job is to teach (and do research…but I get annoyed when I pay for tuition and get horrid lectures!). Your blog is like a 15 min lecture everyday for me. I’m not an economist or a political scientist, and frankly I find a lot of economist/poli sci blogs deathly boring (apologies to your kind). But I’ve learned a lot from yours. Its very easy to forget that a blog is like a global classroom…a way to reach, converse with and get feedback from a plethora of peoples. Its a wonderful thing for faculty members to indulge in.

    Thanks for blogging.

    I’m going to tell him so myself.

  6. Your blog is terrific, and I’m glad you’re not following conclusion 6 of 7. I’ve shared different posts from your blog with many friends and contacts, and all were appreciative of your concise and interesting writing. My former employers in Vancouver even sent a link to your Women in the LRA report in their daily newsletter back in May, so your work and blog have widespread appeal!

  7. I think (hope) perspectives like this will change.

    A friend of mine, a physicist, started blogging and keeping a YouTube channel of videos from his experiments. Science started picking up his videos for articles on their website. Sure, it’s not the same as being published in Science, but I can’t see a down side to this. It opens up his work to a much wider audience. I even started showing my nine year-old brother these videos, and he was completely transfixed.

    My favorite thing about blogging is that I get to connect with people all around the world with shared interests, something I would not be able to do if I were only publishing in the American Journal of Political Science (which, unsurprisingly, isn’t read in most of Africa or most of anywhere, I am convinced). I hope the internet will eventually force us out of our parochialism, but I think that may take quite a long time.

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