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Now I don’t have to look up anymore

I had no idea that WikiSky existed, but I love it. The site features fabulous images from NASA-funded scopes the world round.

This ribbon of gas is the remnant of a supernova:

This is an “intermediate” black hole:

And they basically seem to have no idea what this is:

It’s a long way off, but just in case:

Oh bubble overlords, let me be the first to welcome you to Earth. I kneel before thy bubbly, refreshing greatness.

Update: Tyler Cowen’s commenters, ahem, burst my bubble. Apparently this is some kind of nebula (although “God’s contact lens” was a good suggestion). Personally, I like my explanation better. And I take comfort in the knowledge that the nebula-boosters will be the first to get it when the overlords land.

The commenters are worth reading in full.

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