Medellin bleg

I am starting a new project in Medellin where we are collecting systematic data on the hundreds of street gangs in the city. I will write more about that in future, because it stands to be one of the most fascinating … Continue reading

Kenya crime and police bleg

What organizations and donors are doing interesting or innovative programs in policing tactics, police/justice reform, or crime reduction in Kenya? Mainly I’m looking at crime and gangs but I’m also interested in police relations with Somali refugee populations in the … Continue reading

Catalonia travel bleg

We’ll be in Catalonia for the next three weeks, mostly in a small village just west of Figueres, and a little in Barcelona. Recommendations for food or sightseeing around Figueres or Barcelona are welcome. Caveat: True New Yorkers that they are, the … Continue reading

Infant travel bleg

So we’re planning to cart Amara around the globe while she’s still portable. I’m pretty sure there’s some golden advice out there from experienced parents who took the adventurous route. Any advice to offer? The best airlines? The magic travel … Continue reading