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Links I liked

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  1. These New Yorker cartoons do not exist: A thread of panels created by AI trained on the magazine’s comics
  2. But deep learning is probably hitting a wall
  3. Interview with Arvind Subramanian on India’s economic policy 
  4. Five percent of American kids are placed in foster care at some point in their lives. The economics of foster care.
  5. US poised to release 2.4 billion genetically modified male mosquitoes to battle deadly diseases
  6. Advances in astronomy: 5000 planets discovered so far
  7. Lex Fridman interviewed me on his podcast about Why We Fight. Here is me looking ponderous:

The reason this is a link I liked is because I hadn’t discovered his show until he invited me on. Despite the long run times (often three hours) I love the conversations. It’s my favorite format: a deep dive into a subject with an engaging expert.

One that readers of this blog might enjoy is this deep dive into cybersecurity with the New York Times’
Nicole Perlroth:

I started with this episode on Afghanistan with one of America’s leading historians on the country, and it got me hooked:

Currently listening to this one, which also delivers:

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