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Are the Millennium Development Goals too low a bar?

The approach of 2015, the target date of the Millennium Development Goals, sets the stage for a global reengagement on the question of “what is development?” We argue that the post-2015 development framework for development should include Millennium Development Ideals which put into measurable form the high aspirations countries have for the well-being of their citizens. Standing alone, low bar targets like the existing Millennium Development Goals “define development down” and put at risk both domestic and global coalitions to support to an inclusive development agenda. Measuring development progress exclusively by low bar targets creates the illusion that specific targeted programs can be an adequate substitute for a broad national and global development agenda.

A paper from Lant Pritchett and Charles Kenny.

I would also like to subtly remind anyone working on the agenda that just because China and Russia won’t support goals relating to political freedoms, doesn’t mean that they won’t support broader “political” goals and ideals–such as access to justice or freedom from violence.

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