Chris Blattman

Not one, but two quotes of the day

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The first is from the world’s most notorious aid critic:

What governments spend on relief work is secondary to what it spends on its armies.

…Merchants are the knights who will save this region from famine and must avoid investing in worthless projects.

Yes folks, that is Osama bin Laden in an 11-minute tape called Reflections on the Method of Relief Work.

Ironically, that is probably a better and more concise statement of my development philosophy that I could have come up with. Should I turn myself into Homeland Security now, or wait for them to come get me?

The NY Times has the full story. Hat tip to Eric Green, who also gets the second quote of the day:

In the second volume of Methods, Bin Laden is expected to call for evidence-based aid and the need for more randomized controlled trials.

Why We Fight - Book Cover
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