Chris Blattman

Political science and economics: hot or not?

Via Crooked Timber:

In 2006, James Felton, Peter T. Koper, John Mitchell and Michael Stinson conducted research that sought to establish, inter alia how perceived hotness of professors affected their RateMyProfessors evaluations for teaching quality. As part of this exercise, Felton et al. ranked (Table 2 in their paper) the relative hotness quotients of 36 different academic disciplines.

I’m in both a political science and an economics department, so that would (on average) make me as hot as someone in Health & Medicine. I can live with that. I was also an accountant for two years (a dark, dark chapter in the biography of Blattman) but I choose to ignore that fact. Otherwise I might get pulled down to the level of someone in Management. Egad.

As for all my friends who stayed solely in Economics, try to look on the bright side: at least you beat out Math, not to mention the curious “Women’s, Ethnic” category.

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