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Are cash transfers overrated?

Kevin Starr and  Laura Hattendorf of Mulago explain why they think the evidence for cash transfers to the poor is overrated. Basically, it comes down to

Cash transfers, the soundtrack

The nomination comes from Emiliano Huet-vaughn, whose paper I mentioned yesterday. I am having a hard time imagining the competitors, but nominations will continue to be

Cash transfers: The debate slash love-in

Please RSVP now to join Chris Blattman, Paul Niehaus, and your peers in technology and development for the next Technology Salon on cash transfer efficacy, how

Cash transfers reduce child labor

More reasons to be less cynical about cash transfers to the poor Poor women with children in Ecuador were selected at random for a cash

And the cashonistas rejoice

What happens when $1000 of manna falls onto your mobile phone? The GiveDirectly study of unconditional cash to poor farmers in Kenya is out. The

End poverty by giving the poor cash?

If you’ve been following my recent posts and papers on giving cash to the poor, three things that may interest you: First, we’ve put out

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