Medellin bleg

I am starting a new project in Medellin where we are collecting systematic data on the hundreds of street gangs in the city. I will write more about that in future, because it stands to be one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever studied.

In the meantime, I need to solve a particular problem, which is how to do as much field work as possible, when I have two kids ages (almost) 4 and 6, and when I can only withdraw from the spousal bank of generosity so much.

I am hoping the solution is a marvelous finca or apartment and the Colombian equivalent of Mary Poppins. In that case Jeannie and the kids will happily join me for weeks and weeks during the year. Or years more likely.

This is where I hope one of you might have suggestions.

To start we’re probably looking for the week of March 12, but the weeks of March 5 and March 19 are also options. If we find a good enough situation we will stay for two or three weeks. I also hope to return for much of August.

In the event one of you has the perfect niece or friend for the job, for a nanny there are three important criteria:

  1. Speaks a little English (since Jeannie and the kids don’t speak much Spanish yet)
  2. Is experienced with young children
  3. Can swim well (because the kids will probably swim a lot)

On places to stay, we would love to find a beautiful finca in the countryside with a pool (since the kids will happily to swim for 6 hours a day), within commuting distance of the city (since I will need to go back and forth). We will also look for apartments or hotels in the city, but that I know how to do. Nonetheless, if you have leads, I will take all advice.

Bonus if there are animals nearby (especially cats, or horses to ride) since that will ensure my children’s willingness to come back as often as possible.