Links I liked

  1. I learned a lot about the art of politics by listening to three podcasts this week: Ezra Klein interviewing Francis Fukuyama, his interview with journalist Jonathan Cohn, and the Weeds podcast discussing the debates (and note that my initial reaction was “how could I possibly hear something new and important about politics from ANOTHER debates discussion)
  2. The political power of black women
  3. Keith Head’s research advice (for economists but relevant for any applied empirical researcher_)
  4. Besley and Ghatak on intrinsic motivation
  5. From @KFILE, a reminder how Trump reacted to Obama’s 2012 victory:


2 thoughts on “Links I liked

  1. The political power of black women? The midterms were the lowest in 72 years. What can anyone point to that suggests they will be as enthusiastic about Hillary as the were Obama?