International Development Jargon Detector

The IDJD uses a pre-defined list of “jargon” words. It extracts text from most common file formats and counts how many times the uploaded text contains words from the list. Word stems are used for counting so, for example, “sustain”, “sustaining” and “sustainability” are considered the same.

That’s right, upload and score your documents according to the International Development Jargon Detector.

I can’t think of a more sustainable tool to utilize and mainstream by all stakeholders.

Seriously, when people use “mainstream” as a verb, I simply stop listening to them. Please never do that.

If someone out there has a lot of free time (millennials, I’m looking at you) and wants to graph different aid organizations against one another on the jargon-meter, I will happily blog that.

If you like the IDJD, you will also love the Drunk World Bank twitter feed.