What are the best television shows about Washington DC?

Note: Each show has been rated on four criteria — each on a scale of 1 to 10. The first is accuracy (do they get the acronyms, the job titles and responsibilities, the procedures right?). The next is authenticity (facts aside, do they capture the feel of Washington, the U.S. government, or the agency or function they depict?) The third is entertainment value (not only do they make time spent with the show gripping or moving or fun, but do they do it consistently?) And the fourth is quality (do the actors, writers, producers, and directors do a good job relative to the best of what is out there in this golden age of the medium?) Thus, the highest possible score is 40.

That is Foreign Policy’s David Rothkopf describing how he graded shows about the “Hollywood for ugly people”.

No his answer is not West Wing. Or House of Cards.

You should read it for no other reason than the fact that Rothkopf is such a skillful writer he makes you care and laugh about shows you will never watch, and all the while give you an unexpected insight into politics as it bumbles in reality.

Hat tip to Todd Moss.