What the United States and Myanmar no longer have in common

Countries that, as of 2012, did not use the metric system:


In 2013, breaking news:

Myanmar is preparing to adopt the metric system or the International System of Units (SI System) as the country’s official system of measurement, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

That’s right folks, the US and its former quasi-colony are the last hold-outs — and one of those two didn’t have a functioning government for most of the last three decades.

(The saddest part of that last statement is that it’s not obvious I am referring to Liberia.)

After living here 13 years I’m still getting accustomed. I now manage to think in miles as easily as kilometers, and I only seldom feel the need to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius in my head (though that’s partly because I’m bad at multiplying stuff by 5/9).

Even so, just last week I was trying to order large Ziploc  bags on Amazon, thinking to myself “What exactly is a quart again? Sounds big. Sure, why not get the four-box pack?” *Click* Today I am awash in large-ish sandwich bags.

I’m curious what the political stakes are. Tragically, I suspect the average House member is convinced that such Obametrics are the fast path to socialism.