Links I liked

  1. Does NPR make you smarter?
  2. Marxism’s comeback?
  3. I’m enjoying Nina Munk’s book on Jeff Sachs
  4. Bill Easterly’s new favorite TV show
  5. NYPD is finding it ‘kind of hard’ to hunt down Banksy
  6. Wolverine gets fired
  7. Post your questions to Angus Deaton for his upcoming DD podcast
  8. Should you check your email? A flowchart

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One thought on “Links I liked

  1. That Public Broadcasting study would seem to be vulnerable to some massive selection bias issues.

    Thought experiment: Fox thinks Obamacare issues are important and report extensively on them. PBS thinks looming default is important and reports extensively on that. Researchers come along asking about default and report that PBS listeners are “better informed”. Are they? Or do the researcher’s built in biases on story selection coincide with that of PBS producers?