Children’s books: The secret weapon of socialism

the writer Lev Kormchy described children’s literature as the “forgotten weapon”, writing in Pravda in 1918: “In the great arsenal used by the bourgeoisie to fight against Socialism, children’s books occupied a prominent role. In choosing our cannons and weapons, we have overlooked those that spread poison. We must seize this ammunition from the enemy hands.”

…Artists and writers were charged with producing a children’s literature based on the real world: workers, industry, technology, transport, food, everyday objects, animals and buildings.

There was even the 1930 page-turner, a children’s version of Stalin’s Five Year Plan.

More in the FT.

What would be on he capitalist list of children’s books?

Indoctrination, its method, effectiveness and impact is dramatically understudied in economics and political science. I don’t think you can fully understand political behavior, labor markets, or most household choice without it.