An intriguing case of identity theft

Before Miles set out, Blake let him know there were places Lori had told him never to look. The strongbox, hidden in a closet, was labeled “crafts.”

“So what do you think I did?” Miles said. “I took a flathead screwdriver and broke that thing open.”

Inside was a court document from 1988 showing she had changed her name. Before she was Lori, she was Becky Sue Turner.

“We go, ‘Bingo!’ We figured it out,” Miles said. “She’s Becky Sue Turner.”

It just so happened that a private investigator lived next door, so Miles asked him to do a little digging, as well. He came back with more: the real Becky Sue was long dead.

“Three children perish in fire at Fife,” a 1971 headline read. She was just 2 years old.

From the Seattle Times. they still haven’t figured out who Lori really was. Fascinating essay.

3 thoughts on “An intriguing case of identity theft

  1. It might be worth investigating how many other people used the name Becky Sue Turner to start a new life and a new identity. No one person could do this without a thorough knowledge of the system. This, to me, spells lawyer. And no lawyer would take the trouble to do it for just one person. I think this is a Social Security scam. Get a new identity. Get some new docs. Milk the system for everything it is worth. Lose yourself in the crowd. Escape past escapades, debts, problems, etc.