The Democratic-Republican role reversal in technology

A young GOP leader visits the left’s digital and grassroots organizing conference:

The thing I was struck by at RootsCamp was that in many ways, the Democratic technology ecosystem has embraced the free market — whereas the Republican one sort of runs on socialism, with the R.N.C. being the overlord.

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P.S. Every time I post something that even rhymes with American politics, my comments stream goes from thoughtful and civil to raisin nutbar. Try to keep it real, people.

10 thoughts on “The Democratic-Republican role reversal in technology

  1. The author needs to to learn to distinguish between socialism and collectivism before I listen to him/her.

  2. Yes it is true that the Government have a vital role in technological advancement but also it’s we the people who has the responsibility to think and aim bigger to achieve more thats where the real progress is.

    Kenny Smith