What is the best international studies blog?

Duck of Minerva is taking nominations.

Voting will take place in a few weeks, it seems. For now they are soliciting more candidates. Their current list has many interesting blogs there I had not seen before.

I wonder why the FP bloggers are not there, among others now tied to major news outlets. Maybe they are pro and this Olympics is amateurs only?

11 thoughts on “What is the best international studies blog?

  1. I saw on MR that you asked about the best anarchist books? I’m working on a phd at Clemson and my field is economic history…here’s my thoughts

    Start with Marx and Engels. Move to the anarchists of the early twentieth century. Go to KKK stuff. Go to Black Panther Stuff. Then go to the revolutions in the Latin American countries of the 80s. Follow that with terrorism, Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan…then move on to the Arab Spring.

    I see you coauthored with Sammi Bazzi…I went to high school with him! Hope to chat in person one day…cheers