West Florida bleg

Jeannie and I will have three days and two nights while more elder Blattmans take care of Amara. They will be in Sarasota. We hope to stay within an hour’s drive (or so). Do sleepy beachtowns or hidden hideways still exist in West Florida? Reader advice welcome. We seek peace and quiet and good food, beachside. Timing is the few days before (American) Thanksgiving.

11 thoughts on “West Florida bleg

  1. You may consider heading 1-hour south to Sanibel and Captiva Islands. Both islands are speckled with great quiet beaches. The Bubble Room (on Captiva) and Gramma Dots (on Sanibel) are well known and enjoyed restaurant staples in the area.

  2. Long Boat Key/Anna Maria Island. Both are quiet and not very populated. Try the Blue Marlin restaurant near Bradenton Beach, really lovely.

  3. My parents like Anna Marie Island. I think that is probably what you are looking for.

    But, even though it’s exactly the opposite of what you asked for, I recommend going to Disney World,