What I’ve been listening to (Memorial Day edition)

Memorial Day is currently the day most Americans remember to break out the grill and BBQ. It originated, however, as a commemoration to those who died in the US Civil War.

This seems like an auspicious moment, then, to plug the latest iTunes U lectures I’ve been listening to: David Blight’s open lectures on the US Civil War and Reconstruction. Absolutely brilliant. I jog listening to the lectures, which my wife and research assistants think is weird, but I encourage you to try. One lecture gets me through a short run. My plan is to be running two lectures within the next couple of weeks.

6 thoughts on “What I’ve been listening to (Memorial Day edition)

  1. Actually, it’s the 4th of July. I hope you weren’t trying to be insult Americans for not being sufficiently aware of what the day means.

  2. You misunderstood. The day most Americans break out the grill is Independence day, not Memorial Day. One’s a celebration. The other is something entirely different, which most Americans recognize, a pay tribute on in their own way. I’ve never been to a Memorial Day cook out. Or even invited to one. But every year I have multiple 4th of July celebrations to choose among. Your juxtaposition of the grill/BBQ and the fact that it’s a day of commemoration seemed to imply Americans don’t recognize the sacrifices of their servicemen and women. I hope that wasn’t what you were going for.

  3. Hey Chris, you’re open to blog suggestions, right? How about a downvote feature for obnoxious comments.

  4. You should trying playing lectures on 1.5x (or 2x if you’re crazy). Its surprising how easy it is to still understand everything.

  5. you can speed up the OCW lectures and usually understand them just as well. I think around 1.5x is the sweet spot but it depends on how fast the lecturerer speaks. If nothing else fails it will make that 2 lectures per run goal more attainable : ]