Ugandan underworld bleg

I’m just a couple of days from a return to the US, regular Internet, and blogging. In the meantime, a shot in the dark.

My main research assistant had her bag snatched off her lap by a passing motorbike while riding a taxi to the airport in Uganda. Along with a laptop, she lost a passport and US work visa. All are replaceable, but sometimes these things are also… retrievable.

If this were Liberia, I would have a good idea where to go to make inquiries about how to buy back my passport and computer. This is mainly because my main project works with the guys who steal things for a living. I am not well acquainted with Uganda’s seedier side.

Comments or emails at blattman (at) gmail wlecome.

Update: It seems Uganda has gentleman robbers. All documents and personal items were deposited in an envelope outside the US Embassy, including (and this is my favorite bit) all the travel receipts organized. Sadly the laptop was not retrieved.