Come hear another way we can fight Kony’s legacy

There are two upcoming events in New York and DC. You are invited, provided you RSVP.

We’re finishing a 3-year study of a women’s economic recovery and empowerment program, run by AVSI Uganda with some of the areas and individuals most heavily hit by the 20 years of Kony’s war.

By experimentally cross-hatching different approaches to aid, we’re able to answer some important questions:

  • What are the returns to business skills training and capital among some of the world’s poorest women, and what does this tell us about humanitarian aid more broadly?
  • What are the social and psychological consequences of rising incomes and employment?
  • Does costly advising and monitoring by the NGO result in women making better investment decisions? Is it worth the cost?
  • Are unsupportive husbands a barrier to business success and empowerment, and what mitigates that risk? Programs that bind women into support groups?  Programs that include and empower the males as well?

The results are exciting and surprising. Please attend if you are in the area. I will present in New York event, where my wife Jeannie will also present results from a similar program in Burundi. My co-authors Eric Green and Julian Jamison are presenting our results in DC.

For those who cannot attend: We are writing up the results and will have something to share on the blog shortly. In the meantime, you can also see my studies on the impacts of the northern Ugandan war on youth people, and the effects of a post-conflict cash transfer programsex-combatant reintegration, and conflict resolution programs.

Now, the events:

New York, Friday March 23, 1:00-3:00 PM:
The International Rescue Committee, 122 East 42nd Street, New York
RSVP by email. Please include your name, organization and position.

Washington, Monday March 26, 4:30-6:30pm:
Johns Hopkins University SAIS, Room 500, Bernstein‐Offit Building 1717 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
RSVP online. Please include your name, organization and position.