RSS problems fixed, I hope

Some of you reported RSS problems, which means you might not have received my feed by email or RSS reader since mid-Feb.

Turns out there I made some weird doohickey mistake that my now award-winning-blog-designer just fixed. He also designed the Acemoglu and Robinson blog. A good go-to guy for aspiring bloggers.

I would say “Tell me if the RSS is still not working for you,” but, well, by definition you wouldn’t hear me. Oh the paradox.

3 thoughts on “RSS problems fixed, I hope

  1. Your RSS wasn’t working for me, but is now. You can take this as conclusive evidence that the fix has solved the RSS issue for no less, though possibly more, than one reader.

  2. I have problems with elsevier – economics journals rss, instead of receiving, for instance, “j of development economics” rss, I am being send hundreds of medicine and physics journals rss. I have reported this to editors and elsevier themselves, no answer so far. Can you raise this issue and see if they pay attention to a renowned blogger. Thank you