It is possibly the best play I have seen in New York. It helps that I went in with low expectations, but I think it would survive even high expectations (which I hope to provide).

The premise: a callous professor of poetry receives treatment for ovarian cancer. Played by a former Sex in the City cast member.

You can see the source of my low expectations.

The author, who won a Pulitzer for the play in 1999, has yet to produce another work and continues her job as a primary school teacher in Georgia.

If you are not in New York, there is a television version that is apparently good.

4 thoughts on “Wit

  1. Odd you would have low expectations due to Cynthia Nixon in the leading role. She has been part of the New York theater world for almost 30 years and won a Tony Award just a couple of years ago.

  2. The movie had me crying like a baby — and I haven’t cried in a movie since The Never Ending Story when I was 10.