Do the big newspaper blogs plagiarize?

(See the update here.)

I regularly read at least two big blogs run by newspapers — Freakonomics at the NY Times and Ideas Market at WSJ. They find a wonderful sampling of things across the web.

What’s interesting: they seldom say where they find their material. The bloggy custom of hat tipping is nearly absent. Once in a while Freakonomics gives a blog hat tip, but (oddly) they never actually hyperlink.

What’s the deal? One guess: the newspapery-blog-powers-that-be don’t want people leaving the site.

Impolite? Yes. Nefarious. Possibly. Plagiarizing? I’d ding my students if they did this so regularly and egregiously.

I have been the “victim” on more than one occasion, but not for some time. I don’t think that’s my motivation for this post. I don’t really care about the traffic. Rather, I see other blogs and sites I like become “victims” about every other week. Now my overdeveloped and misdirected justice and courtesy bones ache every time I read the offending blogs.

Reader thoughts and solutions?

Boycott Ideas Market and Freakonomics?