It has nothing to do with beer.

Furman, who is fifty-seven and the part owner of a health-food store in Queens, is the world’s leading practitioner of a pursuit that is known as Guinnessport—the undertaking of challenges designed to get a person into an edition of Guinness World Records.

He has set more world records than anyone ever has: three hundred and sixty-seven. Currently, he holds a hundred and thirty-one records, one of which is the record for holding the most records.

Twenty-seven thousand jumping jacks, done in six hours and forty-five minutes, was Furman’s first record, in 1979. Furman’s records involve at least seventy discrete skills, the bulk of which he learns for the attempt.

…He has clapped for fifty hours (a hundred and forty claps a minute, each audible at a hundred yards)

…His most arduous record is for somersaults, which he set in 1986, doing 8,341 somersaults over twelve miles

Via the New Yorker.