Photos of the day: What Are Young Chinese Thinking About?

“After watching television I have many ideas, but am unable to realize them.” Yunnan, Luo Zheng Chui, 30 years old, farmer.

See the full photo series, iSpeak China by Adrian Fisk.

h/t Suresh Naidu.

4 thoughts on “Photos of the day: What Are Young Chinese Thinking About?

  1. The second to last character is also incorrect. If you read both of them as is, it doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Chris hi.
    I have gone through your site with great interest, I also am very interested in similar issues and am working on a global vision for trying to create communication between internal and external societies with my larger project iSpeak Global. In the internet age we assume that we know a lot about each other but of course we dont and that is why the iSpeak series has been such a success both in China and across the world with over 17 million people now having viewed the work.
    Thanks for drawing attention to iSpeak China. The link you have does not work though. This link will take you to the story –
    The correct title of the series is’ iSpeak China’ not ‘what are the young Chinese thinking about’. I would be really grateful if you could make the necessary change to the title.
    I am not sure which image it is the the above comments refer to but some of the participants, mainly migrant workers, only had a simple command of written Mandarin.

  3. The correct sentence should be as follows
    They are both typos and don’t change the message.