Stephen King on writing

After writing on writing guides, more than one reader suggested I read Stephen King’s guide to the craft. I’m not a King fan, mainly because I’m not a horror fan (I hate tension and suspense–as a kid, I couldn’t even watch Three’s Company without worrying about Jack getting caught by Mr. Roper.) But enough reader enthusiasm, plus an endorsement from the NY Times staff, tipped me into buying.

I liked what I read well enough, but stopped halfway. The book is as much autobiographical as advice, and frankly there is little in the book you won’t find in Zinnser or Strunk & White. And I like to get to the point. But if you prefer a leisurely stroll with an accomplished author, it’s a decent read. I mainly stopped at the fiction-writing part because God forbid I should be tempted to inflict readers with that. My research feels like fiction some days, but I don’t want it to sound so.