Work with me in Liberia?

Ex-combatants, homeless youth, drug dealers, street vendors, junkies, and petty criminals. Could there be a more interesting study population? We’re studying economic and violent behavior and ways to change it. More on our Liberia street youth project here.

We are looking for a superstar research assistant on the ground to work with me, my colleagues (a behavioral economist and a cognitive neuropsychologist), and a big team on the ground. The job posting is here.

What are we looking for? This is a perfect job for someone with a BA or an MA and looking for a couple of years experience before heading to a PhD in economics or political science. People of all skills and stripes should apply. But I have star managers and ethnographers already, and we need someone with technical skills, especially stats and Stata experience. Some of my best field people were Federal reserve or treasury RAs, with no field experience, which they have now got in spades.

P.S. Please apply at the IPA site, not to me directly. I don’t get involved until the short list stage.